Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the BIGGEST challenge in my career!!

(some of dis sems work)

wow.. actually, never thought its gonna happen to me.. i just failed my design subject, which mean i have to repeat that subject again.. arghh!!!! feeling frustrated.. and down. .and just ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luckily, i have a lots of friends for me to get through dis tough time.. thnx to Qis Tina Ros Lan (ngade2) n all Fanarchtic, jasamu dikenang selamanya..

even rasa xpuas ati tu masih ade, but i really need to hold on and never give up.. insy, i hope its give me better future.. please hang on to me my dearest friends and parents.. thnks..

Monday, April 18, 2011

because you are everything that i care

sometimes, its weird.. when you needed someone so much, till you even begged for her to stay.. for me, i never done it to anyone else except for her.. she is everything that matters to me.. although now she said she forgiven me (actually just a YA, when i said im sorry), but i dont feel so calm.. actually, i just hope i never did that mistake in the same place.. i never have to be in this awkward moment again.. hurm.. if only i could turn back time..

dear friends,
no matter how long its gonna take for you to forgive me, im willing to face it.. no matter how far it might take me, i try my best to keep the pace.. as long as i have you as my friend, as long as i have to look at my hands.. i try my best to have no more lies between us.. i tell you everything.. and everything indeed...

thank you for giving me another chance to be your friend, its not the poem that touch me, its all in your heart that satisfied me.. thank you..

when you're not here to share my day and night,
my life is so incomplete,
for you are my heart, my soul,
the 'oneness' i had known to seek.

without you, i merely exist from day to day,
with you i know that i will find,
all that i have been searching for,
my completeness, my eternal peace of mind.

you are the keeper of my dream,
the one who holds my heart in her hands,
the one i want to spend my life with,
the one with whom i will always stand.

forever is what i want with you,
our heart may found one another
maybe not as lovers,not as a soul-mate,
but as friends it shall do...